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About Us

Finding Inspiration with each and Every wave


Surf2U was founded in November 2020 by Max Coltart, James Sandars and Rory Parnell with the aim of saving you time and money so you can have a more enjoyable holiday.



You order equipment

We deliver the equipment to where you are staying on the day you arrive

You have your equipment for as long as you like

On the day you leave, you leave your equipment and we pick it up.

Why Surf2U over 'on the beach' hire?


Prices that Surf2U charge:

£10 per day for bodyboards

£15 per day for soft surfboards

£40 per day for paddle boards.

£10 per day for wetsuits

£20 per day for hard surfboards


Our competitors charge around £25-30 for a surfboard for 1 day.

Queues - why wait when you could be having fun in the sea?

Flexibility -  You can go where you want and when you want (especially paddle boards). 'On the beach' hire means you are only allowed to stay on that beach.

However, we also do 'on the beach' hire cheaper than anyone else. 

Sunset Surf
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